Dennis Casino produces his family recipe that has been passed down to generations for over 100 years.

At the height of the Sicilian summer his ancestors harvested the richest vine ripened tomatoes from his family farm. Special care was taken to cook and pack the tomatoes with their skins on; preserving the most flavorful part of the tomatoes. This simple abundant ingredient and his family passion for its robust flavor were used to create the finest pasta sauce in the region.

His family recipe was brought to America by his grandfather, Rocco Casino, the man proudly featured on our label. This iconic family photo was taken in 1936 at the central produce market in Los Angeles where he purchased the simple ingredients that went into the sauce.

As his grandfather passed the recipe on, the idea to make our simple sauce for others to enjoy took root. First, at farmers markets and then to natural food stores; Kissino Pasta Sauce developed a loyal following because of its commitment to simple ingredients, simply made and simply delicious pasta sauce.
As Kissino has grown, we have worked carefully to preserve the recipe and the process by which we make every batch of our sauce. Our long-standing tradition is that we don’t add an ingredient until the previous ingredient has been brought up to the correct temperature. By doing so, we ensure the sauce will blossom to its fullest flavor. We don’t use any preservatives, we’re gluten and GMO free and we have no added sugar. We use burgundy wine instead of sugar to cut the acidity of our sauce. Not only does our sauce have an additional robust element, it’s easy to digest as well.

We promise that we will never compromise taste for profit. In fact, we can assure you that moms and dads across the country feel comfortable sharing our products with their families knowing that our sauces contain only the finest ingredients that everyone deserves.

The sauce selections we produce today are priced at the very best value.

Simple Ingredients, Simply Made, Simply Delicious.